Mitchell Report Rumors

Mitchell Report Names

Here are some new active players brought to light as users of performance-enhancing drugs by the Mitchell Report.  By the way, they did talk to Jose Canseco.  Note that I left out some of the more public/obvious steroid busts we already know about.

Larry Bigbie (confessed)
Brian Roberts (based on an admission to Bigbie)
Jack Cust (based on an admission to Bigbie)
Rondell White (Kirk Radomski)
Roger Clemens (Brian McNamee)
Andy Pettitte (Brian McNamee)
Gregg Zaun (Kirk Radomski)
Ron Villone (Kirk Radomski)
Miguel Tejada (performance-enhancers provided to Tejada by teammate Adam Piatt)
Mike Stanton (Kirk Radomski)
Stephen Randolph (Kirk Radomski)
Paul Lo Duca (Kirk Radomski)
Eric Gagne (Kirk Radomski)
Matt Herges (Kirk Radomski)
Gary Bennett (Kirk Radomski)
Brendan Donnelly (Kirk Radomski)
Howie Clark (Kirk Radomski)
Nook Logan (Kirk Radomski)
Alex Cabrera (Commissioner’s Office, DEA, clubhouse attendant)

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The Mitchell Report

1:06pm: Jon Heyman names a slew of guys in the report.  The Mitchell Report itself is available here.  Start reading!  Wow, this thing is loaded with surprises.  Kind of cool to see the emails Mitchell was able to collect among front office guys.

11:11am: More on last night’s cut n’ paste misspelled list – WNBC talked to a "high-ranking MLB official" who refuted several names on it.

10:51am: This is odd, WNBC/CNBC is rolling with the same cut n’ pasted misspelled list.  Hey look, Troy Glaus is in there twice!  MetsBlog checks in with buzz that the Klapisch note about the Mets being safe may not be true.

10:25am: A list with a bunch of fairly believable names (many of them misspelled) in the form of one big paragraph has been passed around the Internet since at least last night.  There’s no indication it has any legitimacy (no need to email it to me).  Deadspin has published said list.

10:04am: The New York Daily News is also saying Pettitte is in the report.  But those Grimsley names were revealed in October of last year so I’m not sure what the hubbub is about.

9:20am: ESPN is reporting Roger Clemens is in the report.  Clemens was named in the Jason Grimsley affidavit, anyway.  So were Andy Pettitte, Miguel Tejada, Brian Roberts, Jay Gibbons, and David Segui.

9:09am: The latest is from Bob Klapisch, who reports that no Mets on the current 40-man roster are in the report.  So people can stop randomly throwing Carlos Delgado‘s name about.  Klapisch is on board with my tip that the Yanks will be hit hard. 

The Mitchell Report Is Coming

The big story of today will undoubtedly be the Mitchell Report this afternoon.  Dozens of current and former players are expected to be named, and they won’t all be scrubs.

As you know, the focus of MLBTR is trades and free agent signings, hot stove stuff.  I don’t consider steroid rumors a big part of it.  So I’ll probably cover a little of it, focusing how the current hot stove landscape may be altered.

I did receive one tip on this topic – my guy says the Yankees are in for a bad day (but Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera are not in the report).

11 Free Agents Spoke To Mitchell

UPDATE: The agents Cafardo spoke to misinterpreted.  The reality is that no more than 11 current free agents spoke to George Mitchell as part of his investigation.  There’s a Saturday deadline for player interviews.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe informs us that the upcoming Mitchell Report has 11 current free agents in it.  The report is due out sometime around January 1st.

One of the 11 is already known, Jose Guillen.  I imagine Barry Bonds is another.  You could speculate all day on the rest.  Here’s an extensive list of all the free agents

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Orioles Will Listen On Bedard

New Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail confirms what we’ve been reading for the past few months: the club will at least listen to offers for ace Erik Bedard.  He adds that the O’s have had preliminary, general extension talks with Bedard.    I imagine that if Bedard is looking for the $18-20MM per year he could get on the open market, the O’s will choose to trade him.  Two years of Bedard is at least as good as one of Johan Santana, and Bedard doesn’t have any no-trade stipulations.  He made just $3.4MM this year.

What are your thoughts on a reasonable package the O’s might get for Bedard?  The typical Matt Kemp/Clayton Kershaw speculation seems to fit here.   

MacPhail also admits that he’d prefer to have flexibility rather than all the long-term contracts the team has committed to.  He expects an active trade market, and you can bet the Orioles will be in the middle.  Miguel Tejada is likely to be dealt, especially if his name is absent from the Mitchell Report.

Rays’ Kazmir May Be Available

The week in hot stove kicks off with a bang: Joel Sherman of the New York Post has a source saying the Devil Rays might listen to offers for ace lefty Scott Kazmir.  Kazmir turns 24 in January and carries a 3.64 career ERA despite pitching in the AL East.  He’s been particularly tough on the Red Sox (2.66 ERA in 101 innings).  You have to think that if the Yankees are entertaining making an offer for Johan Santana, they’d consider Kazmir as well if the Rays would deal within the division.

Sherman notes that Kazmir is under contract for three years as opposed to just one for Santana, which could equate the two pitchers in the marketplace.  Erik Bedard, under control for two years, has to be in that group of elite, possibly available southpaws as well.  Sherman believes the Rays would seek "multiple high-end pitchers" for Kazmir, who is entering arbitration for the first time this winter.  The Yankees could offer a package starting with Phil Hughes, but the Mets don’t seem to have the goods.  It would take a pitcher of that nature – Hughes, Yovani Gallardo, Clay Buchholz.  Otherwise, why would the Rays consider it? 

Sherman also echoes the surprising notion that Tim Lincecum could be had for the right bat.  He speculates that the Giants could pursue Carl Crawford or Delmon Young as the return.  Hey, our Delmon speculation is catching on!

Sherman indicates that the Twins may be compelled to hold onto Santana, afraid of fan backlash if they also lose Torii Hunter.  Meanwhile, another Santana, Ervin, might be had for a bat if the Angels can’t sign Alex Rodriguez.  Sherman’s sources say any club in the A-Rod sweepstakes will move slowly in the market because his contract would dictate the team’s available budget.

Also notable from Sherman’s rumor-packed column:  teams may wait for the Mitchell Report to come out before engaging in serious talks for Miguel Tejada.  I’ve read speculation that MLB could release this report soon as a way of limiting free agent spending.  Also, isn’t it about time for Jose Canseco’s next book, which supposedly has "other stuff" on Alex Rodriguez?