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Reliving Rickey Henderson Trades With Alderson

Current New York Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson described Rickey Henderson as the best player he's ever had in any of his organizations. And yet, Alderson managed to trade Henderson not once, but twice. In between, Alderson re-acquired him and won a World Series with him. Arguably, Alderson managed to come out on top in all three trades.

So during a one-on-one discussion with MLB Trade Rumors this past weekend, Alderson was happy to reminisce about the finest leadoff hitter in baseball history, and his many transactions.


More Rickey

A few weeks ago, the return of Roger Clemens inspired Rickey Henderson to start making noise about playing in the Majors again.  Now the A’s may be opening the door just a crack for Henderson to have one last hurrah.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Billy Beane said he’d consider bringing Henderson back for one game in September, as long as it wouldn’t be detrimental to the team in any way.  Beane, however, has not yet communicated this to Rickey.

Logging a little PT in September would push Rickey’s HOF induction back five years.  But he wants to go out on a high note, with the team he’s most associated with.  As RotoWorld said, why not keep Rickey around all September and let him run for Jack Cust and Mike Piazza

Rickey Wants Back In

The dramatic return of Roger Clemens has inspired another legendary player. 48 year-old Rickey Henderson wants to try one last comeback near the end of the year.  He’s not impressed with current players, saying they’d be in Triple A in his day.

Could Rickey beat out the worst outfielder in baseball and justify a roster spot, marketing value aside?  I think so.  Why not Rickey instead of Ryan Langerhans or Nook Logan in Washington?  Give the fans something to root for.

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