Cubs To Trade Todd Walker For Aaron Heilman

A new trade rumor has been floated from New York today.  We all know Todd Walker is on the trading block; it seems the Mets are interested. 

Word is that the Cubs will deal Walker to the Mets for Aaron Heilman, straight up.  If the rumor holds up, this could help both teams. 

Strangely, the Mets still seem to have little faith in Heilman despite his breakout 2005.  Heilman just turned 27, and he misses bats.  He has yet to settle into his role as a pitcher.  Heilman could serve in the swing role for the Cubs if Glendon Rusch becomes a permanent rotation fixture.  Having a pitcher versatile enough to start, close, and do everything in-between may be a new trend in baseball. 

Walker is what he is – all hit, no glove.  He’s definitely an above average hitter for a second baseman.  You’ll see that Walker was the 20th best 2B in 2005 once you consider fielding.  If he can stay healthy for 550 at-bats, however, he might crack the top ten in 2006 despite the poor defense.

The move would take the Mets out of their dance with Rafael Furcal and increase the chances the Cubs sign him. 

Heilman wasn’t seen as an integral part of the proposed Manny Ramirez trade, so those talks would stay alive.

Thanks to Brian from Edison for the tip.

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