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Javier Vazquez White Sox Projection

As I promised, I've got a new Javier Vazquez projection up over at RotoAuthority.  This should prove to be a nice addition to the back of the Sox rotation, even with a hefty number of home runs allowed.


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does anyone remember me?

I seem to be the only person in the world that doesn't think this trade was that great for the Sox. I like how they got rid of El Duque, but Young is going to be a star, and they gave him up for a back end of the rotation guy? I mean, Vazquez already gave up a ton of homers, now you throw him into U.S. Cellular? This is almost as bad as Eric Milton going to The Great American Ballpark. I wouldn't be surprised if he gives up 40 home runs.

40's within reach, but he keeps baserunners down and gets Ks. In a win now mode, this is good. The Sox have tons of good young OFs.

The Sox had McCarthy waiting in the wings for a shot at the rotation, so I also don't see the need to bring another guy in. Like I said, I like how they dumped El Duque, but not only did they give up a future star, but they took another potential star's spot in the rotation. Does anyone remember how well McCarthy pitched the last month of the season? Now what are they going to do with him?

I say it was a great trade for the D-Backs. Add yet another blue chip prospect to go with Conor Jackson, Carlos Quintin, Stephen Drew, and soon to be Justin Upton... Good God.

Hey RM and news on the deals the Cubs have on the table like player names or what teams?

I Don't like the trade for the Sox either. I don't see there payroll to be able to afford both Vazquez and Garland. So I think Garland might be traded, and Vazquez is a downgrade in my eyes.

I'm not a big Vazquez fan, I think he's very overraid, and his numbers prove me right over the last two seasons.

If they somehow could keep all there pitchers. I do think it makes there team stronger,cuz Vazquez is a pretty good 5th starter.I just don't see them doing it.

SO I think Garland would probably be traded for relievers and good prospects. The reason is the Sox are kinda at there limit payroll wise. I also think they will regret trading Young when its all said and done.

There is a lot of contention about whether or not this trade was better for the White Sox or the Diamondbacks. Honestly, I believe that only time can tell who got the better side of the trade. That said, let's focus on what Vazquez has to offer the south siders next year.

Vazquez's career numbers are unimpressive at best. He is 89-93 with a 4.28 ERA and allows an average of nearly 28 HRs a year. He threw well from 2000-2003, posting an ERA of 3.62 and a .552 W%. The past 2 years, however, his ERA has been a dismal 4.91 and 4.42, he allowed a career high in HRs (33,35), and threw his lowest number of innings since 1999. Oh wait, those numbers were 198 and 215. In the first 4 seasons of the new millenium the Righty threw a staggering average of over 225 innings per year, explaining the sharp decline during the past couple seasons.

He is only 29 and may still has enough left in the tank to produce a few decent seasons for the Sox, although Vazquez will most likely be relegated to the 5 spot for the rest of his career. Javier will likely see his ERA continue to rise considering that he will be playing for an AL team with one of the smallest parks in the major leagues and don't expect him to become another El Duque, the guy lacks both the stuff and control for that sort of comeback.

If the prospect the Sox traded ends up having even a decent major league career this trade will clearly favor Arizona. Chicago is paying $19 million over the next 2 years for what will most likely be a below average hurler who has proven nothing more than a tendancy to log 200 inning seasons consistantly. Still, keep in mind that Vazquez definately adds depth and flexibility to a formerly thin rotation, and that El Duque is nearing his inevitable ride into the sunset.

I like this deal because it now means we can trade Jon Garland and his agent Scott Boras for Miggy Tejada, Bobby Abreu, or someone else we can use.


B-Mac can start in the bullpen and be our spot/back-up starter in case (GOD FORBID) someone goes down. Also, McCarthy still hasn't proven he can be reliable for a full season (if at all). I love the kid and I love his potential, but having a proven 5 man staff with a young phenom in the making, I likes.

Best staff ever? Let's see what we can do. We can use the best health possible.

i don't think people realize how many CF prospects the white sox have...

Jerry Owens - comparable to Podsednik, Briand Anderson, Ryan Sweeney are all highly regarded OF prospects for the White Sox.

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