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Shawn Green: Not Headed To Cubs

I caught wind of a December 14th James Renwick article by way of loyal reader Brian today.  According to Renwick, "Shawn Green is going to be dealt, probably to the Chicago Cubs, in the next couple of days."  Keep in mind that Green has a no-trade clause that stipulates he can veto a trade to any team besides the Angels, Dodgers, and Padres.  It's been said that Green's wife prefers to live in Arizona or California, although it should be noted that Green is from Des Plaines, IL.

The D'Backs would love to trade Green, but it won't be easy.  I'm still pretty confident that the Cubs' new RF will be one of the eligible players from this list.  As mentioned then, it appears that the frontrunners for the job are Aubrey Huff, Kevin Mench, and Craig Monroe. Preston Wilson, Juan Encarnacion, and Jacque Jones are also legitimate possibilities.


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Thank god Shawn Green has a no trade clause that blocks him from "coming home" to Chicago. Green was great a few years ago, but he's declining and he's very expensive.

My money's on Kevin Mench in RF for the Cubs.

You know, I'll throw my hat into the ring for Cliff Floyd. That's my guess.

I could live with Cliff Floyd. I'd even take Shawn Green over any other FA available to us. Of course Abreu or Dunn would be awesome. The question I have is if we get Cliff Floyd who plays RF? Floyd is normally a LF correct?

Floyd hasn't played RF since '02, but he probably do OK.

Isn't Floyd a free agent after 2006? It doesn't make much sense to trade for a guy who hasn't played RF in 3 years, when they could wait until next year and make a run at him in free agency.

Sure, but given the options and strong need for a slugging outfielder, Floyd could still work. If Rosenthal's right and Manny does get traded, and it's to the Mets, Floyd might become available.

Anyone have an idea as to who the two proposed deals the Cubs have out there are for?

"I have a couple of suggestions for paid subscription baseball websites. First off, don't make up crazy rumors just to get people in the door." Gee, Monger, what would you know about this type of stuff?

Haven't made up one damn thing. I pass on posting dozens of rumors every day that don't pass muster. Plus, this is free.

Would the Brewers be willing to trade Carlos Lee? He has said that he would love to play for the Cubs and wants to sign with them when he becomes a free agent. I would love to see him in the Cubs lineup with Lee and Ramirez.

The Cubs are going to be pretty fierce competitors with the Brewers in '06 and the rest of the decade; I think they'll have to wait til Lee hits free agency.

Carlos Lee had a below average OBP last year (.325)

He seems to be just as inconsistent as Juan Pierre. Plus, he walked more than 60 times once in his career. I don't know if I'd want Carlos Lee; his OBP depends a little too much on his AVG. If he struggles to hit, his OBP suffers.

Yeah, I tend to agree with that, Danny.

cant Green waive his no trade clause if he wants to play in Chicago?

Yeah, basically he could choose not to exercise it. I don't expect it, but I was overly harsh on the author of the article. Maybe that was part of his scenario.

No way, Green doesn't want to come here. He wants to stay on the West Coast if he goes anywhere.

The Cubs best options now are looking like "gulp" Jacque Jones and Preston Wilson. Either that or Patterson starts in RF.

"Renwick was the same guy who came up with this ridiculous scenario, and then didn't return emails. But hey, it's only $79.95 to get inside access to this stuff. "
Not sure if you realized it or not, but that article was FREE.. not part of a subscription. Kinda like your site. It was rumors and no one had to pay for it.

The question is still out there--does anyone have a sniff of the two deals Hendry has out on the table?

I find it hilarious that you are criticizing someone for posting a half-baked rumor, when that is what this site is all about, and everyone knows it...LOL

Hey RM. Its seems like one of your above posts implies that Rosenthal is pretty sure Manny will be moved. Could you give a link to his article which states this, because most of the Boston media seems to think he is staying put. Thanks, I really appericate the site and that it is free.

Hey Dave, Rosenthal said on a radio program that it was his opinion that both Manny and Zito would be moved this offseason. Can't remember which; may have been in NY.

Sorry Monger, thought you were poking a little fun at yourself there earlier. Guess not. I realize your site is food for thought, not the Gospel. I appreciate it, even if someof my comrades at the Cubs Reporter dont.

Ah well, the last thing I should do is take myself seriously. Man, I knew BCB had something against me, but not the Cub Reporter too. That is a shame.

Well, if no one had been bitching about us 'aquiring' Pierre in November, then I never would have discovered this site. There is no bad press.

Floyd would be an improvemnt, but here's a better option:

Cubs Trade the 2 guys they've been trying to trade all offseason, patterson and walker, and rich hill(overrated) and possibly another prospect (not Pie) to the D-Rays for Huff (lefty power hitter) and Lugo (speedy #2 infielder). This would help the D-Rays, lowering the salary, getting more good youg pitching and it would help the Cubs for obvious reasons

what's bcb

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