Willy Taveras, Jarrod Washburn Mentioned For Cubs

Chicago Sun-Times writer Chris De Luca has a few names he thinks would work for the Cubs.  Said De Luca today:

"It’s too bad Wood’s future is so murky. The Houston Astros, in need of pitching and always in the market for homegrown stars such as Wood, are listening to offers for center fielder Willy Taveras, the runner-up in National League Rookie of the Year voting. With the Astros showing more trust in Chris Burke during the postseason, Taveras has become a hot name on the trade market."

While one Juan Pierre in the lineup has a chance of working, two of them certainly would not.  You can’t get four home runs between two outfield spots.

De Luca also mentions that Jarrod Washburn and his 3.20 ERA "should have been an option, but Hendry has shown little interest in the left-hander."  De Luca first mentioned the Cubs as a possible suitor back on November 18th.

I can’t agree here either.  If you compare Washburn’s indicators (baserunners and HR allowed, strikeout rate) you’ll notice that Washburn posted a 4.64 ERA in 2004 with indicators very similar to this year.  In other words, a huge chunk of that 3.20 that’s going to earn Washburn an extra $10MM can be attributed to luck.

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