Offseason In Review: November 2005 Lowlights

I started off with the good stuff from November, and now it’s only fair that I run through some of my missteps.

A lot of rumors that find their way onto the site come from other sources, which I’ve always been quick to credit.  With one of my early email tips, though, I didn’t give the rumor a reality check or delve deep enough to figure out its source.

I used the unfortunate headline "Cubs To Trade Todd Walker For Aaron Heilman" on November 14th.  It’s not wise to be so decisive when headlining a trade rumor, that’s for sure.  What’s more, the deal seems way lopsided knowing what we know now.  At the time, though, there was an impression that the Mets had soured on Heilman and were eager to deal him.  After a lot of flak, I figured out that this rumor originated on WFAN.  This one should’ve never made the site.

I had another post that month called "Mark Buehrle To The Cardinals," another poor headline choice.  I did begin that one by nothing that it was pure speculation, but the title implies otherwise.  For what it’s worth, I still think Buehrle will find his way to St. Louis within the next couple of years.

On November 23rd, I misquoted/misinterpreted a couple of sources and labeled the Juan Pierre to the Cubs trade as complete.  It wasn’t, and Cubs fans weren’t shy letting about reminding me until the deal actually did get done in December.  The silver lining buried in the gaffe is that I was able to get some fairly accurate info from Bruce Levine about the minor leaguers involved.

On November 29th, I busted out a Brad Wilkerson for Ronny Cedeno rumor.  It had a crazy-sounding story attached to it involving Barry Larkin’s cousin.  Although much scoffing and name-calling ensued, I still think these talks were legit.  In my opinion, it would’ve been fair value and helpful to both teams.  What’s more, a young shortstop prospect like Cedeno would’ve been a better bounty for Wilkerson than Alfonso Soriano.  Maybe one of these days I can get a hold of someone and find out if there was anything to this rumor.

Cubs fans had a pissed off vibe in general in November, as the Cubs flirted with Milton Bradley and Kevin Mench trades but ultimately signed John Mabry and a couple of relievers.

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