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Wood To Have Knee Surgery

Looks like Kerry Wood will have minor arthroscopic knee surgery.  Chicago radio station The Score speculates that it could put him back another couple of weeks.  Wood apparently threw this morning, so the need may have popped up today.

It seems that a June return to the Majors may be Wood's new target.


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This is shocking news. Kerry Wood is injured... sure didn't see that one coming.

Cue hilarious trombone noise. Repeat.

Evry year it seems he hurts himself earlier and earlier in the year.I kinda feel for the guy but I'm a cards fan so that won't last that long.This guy needs to just change teams.How many injuries can a guy go through in 1 team and not wonder am i just cursed to play for this team.I'm telling ya Bartman had something to do with all this.

who cares about wood.

your guy and billy beane's white whale just went 1 for 4 in a spring training game for the Range!

Durazo is paunchy.

Well, everyone's downplaying this, doesn't sound too bad.


I would've used "portly" for Erubiel but either way is good. Man is he awesome.

The key phrase from that article: "The problem is so minor that it's not stopping Wood, 28, from continuing his bullpen sessions."

They're basically doing this now, when it doesn't matter at all because he's rehabbing anyway, so he doesn't have a more serious problem in, say, August.

he grounded into two double plays.

that's too bad.

Well, he still had that one good season.

here we go again

its not that bad, the knee thing. my mom had the same operation and its pretty much just one step above getting an injection.

i cant help but wonder if maybe we should just put him downb.. you know, for humane reasons? hehe

Victor Diaz for Kerry Wood...

If Wood wouldn't veto that, I think Hendry would make it in a heartbeat.

Really? Jesus H. Christ!

What the hell is up with Kerry Wood? He used to be beautiful...

Makes some serious dough and can't stay on the field...

What a shame! His peripherals are superb.

If i'm Minaya, i'm calling all these GM's. Wood is definitely worth taking a flier on, especially if Hendry takes some salary.

wood for diaz? you really think the cubs are that desperate to get rid of him?

Yes I do think Cubs are "desperate" to get rid of Kerry Wood he is always hurt has a high salary
And they need the $ after this season Lee is a Free Agent(Boston,Yankees,Angels,Orioles all need a first baseman) AND Prior is eligibal for arbittration
By the wqay Victor Diaz is a very underrated OF he could hit 20-30 homeruns

I think the cubs can get Barry Zito after when hes a free agent. Hes a guy i want the cubs to get in place of Wood.

i am very dissapointed with Wood has goen through. Man, THATS WHAT I CALL WASTED POTENTIAL. Its sad to see such a talented player go into waste. Well, what can ya do cubs fans. Jus hope one of our players can ste it up for us. We need another player to rise.

Nick: Unfortunately, the Cubs ownership has plenty of money (see the Furcal offer) but they just choose not to spend it. They have plenty of cash to give Lee, and they better come up with a good offer to keep him.

I'd give Wood yet another chance to get healthy, and either put him on a low pitch count permanently or maybe make him a closer to reduce his workload before trying to deal him.

The Cubs don't want him to suddenly get healthy and revert to Cy Young status for another team.

Oh, and BTW: the Cubs won't acquire Zito. the Yankees or Red Sox both need new aces and will throw the most cash his way and give him the opportunity to play for a championship contender.

Like they did to Roger Clemens?

Seems like Wood is just going to be another huge talent shot down by injuries. Prior could be headed down that path as well. It seems like Harden is also following Wood's career. Hopefully not, since these three guys are top talents, but sometimes those are the brakes.


I assume you are placing Prior as an injury prOne pLayer already. However. i think you r making a big mistake. Ill tell you this, if Prior doesnt saty helthy this year, then maybe you can put him as injury prone. (depending whether its a freek injury). And Harden only had that ONE injury. Hell be alright. WOOD IS A DIFERENT STORY. He has a storyline of injuries. His injuries are from his back-shoulder-legs (well now).

It's a shame about Kerry. Even though this is a very minor procedure, it's still yet another thing in the "Kerry Wood injury collection." It's been hard to imagine Kerry pitching for another team, but, at this point, he's eating up $10.5 million dollars of salary for this year. He has collected, including this year's salary, $32.5 million since they resigned him prior to the 2004 regular season. In that time, he has made a total of 32 starts(his total for 2003 alone), and he made 11 appearances out of the bullpen last year. His stat line since 2003? A 3.88 ERA and an 11-13 record. Here's a piece out of Mike Kiley's article in the Sun-Times this morning: "Wood shrugged off the suggestion that even a minor medical matter will raise more major ruckus among Cubs fans worried about the season.'I can't worry about what people say,'' he said. 'My job is to get ready for the season.'" Kerry, you haven't been ready for the season for 3 years. You think maybe the Cubs will pick up that $13.5MM option for next season?

Exactly Mark H. , i couldnt agree more. Wood has been killin our team for a long time. Im sick and tired of his pitiful ways of being "prepared" for the season. HES NEVER PREPARED. I blame him for his own injuries. Hes in his own control of his body. He has been scrrewing around with his mechanics for such a long time that he neever realized his own damn mistake. Its time for Wood to put up or shut up!

I can't wait to get Maddux and Wood off the payroll in 2007! $20 million for next to nothing.

Maybe the Cubs can use all spare parts from Wood and Prior and put them together into one healthy pitcher ?

Wood already has 1100 IP logged under his belt and 11 complete games. He's the quickest pitcher to 1000 strikeouts and the quickest pitcher to 50 starts of 10+ strikeouts. In perspective of baseball history, Wood has the second highest K/IP, trailing only Randy Johnson. In regards to active leaders in Hits/IP, Wood has the second lowest, trailing only Pedro Martinez.

Wood should definately have more wins than his current 70 in 174 starts, but the Cubs pen has cost him dearly.

In Kerry's 174 career starts, he's left the game with the lead (men on or off base) in 101 times. He got the win in 70 of those 101, and got the loss in 7 of those games. The bullpen has blown 31 leads of Kerry Wood, since he's been called up!! Sure the bullpen is going to blow saves, but come on 18% of Kerry's starts have been blown in his career. 31% of the games he left with the led, the bullpen has blown. So on a team with a good bullpen Kerry very well could be 88-48, instead of 70-54 with a lower ERA (due to inherited runners scoring off of the bullpen) than his current baudy 3.67 career ERA

Despite Wood having Tommy John surgery in 1999 he still has six years experience where he's started more than 20 starts every year, more than 26 starts in 4 of the six years, and more than 32 starts in two of the years. Also in Kerry's 7 MLB seasons, he's logged 160+ IP in four seasons, two being 200+ IP. Collecting 200+ strikeouts in four seasons, and having an ERA under 3.75 in five seasons.

Wood carried this ballclub in 2002 and 2003, where he pitched 452 1/3 IP (regular season and playoffs). Dusty just pitched his arm off in 2003. Wood went 120-plus in 14 of 35 starts, including five of six starts late in the year. He also had a 141 pitch outing over seven innings against St. Louis in May.

Including the playoffs, Wood threw 4,007 pitches in 2003, the most in the majors. Prior averaged 114.2 pitches per start, the most in the majors (Wood was second at 111.3).

And those concerned about Wood never winning 15 or more games. In 2003 (season and playoffs), Kerry pitched 238 2/3 IP in 36 starts, giving up 173 hits, 88 earned runs, 114 walks, 297 strikeouts. His total record was 16-12 with a 3.32 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, and .210 BAA.

Who are you and what did you do with the REAL Kerry Wood's stats?

its weird, but those stats are right.

It's not weird, the stats aren't twisted, it's just when Wood is healthy he's a dominating force one of the best in all of baseball. It's well documented that Wood was considered "horse" status after the 2002 and 2003 seasons where he combined to throw 452 1/3 IP between the two years (playoffs included). During that time span Wood started 69 games, with a record of 28-23, 8 complete games, 3 were complete game shutouts, 452 1/3 IP, 342 H, 211 BB, 514 K, 3.48 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, .215 BAA.

Not bad at all, except the huge load on Wood's shoulder hasn't allowed him to pitch more than 206 IP the last two years combined.

This being Wood's likely last year with the Cubs, he has a 13.5 million option for 2007 or a 3 million buyout, he'll probably post real good numbers and stay relatively healthy.

Despite his history of injuries, he has a world of "potential", and he's just about to enter the prime of his pitching career (he'll be 29 in mid June this season) that someone will give him a large multiyear deal (if he stays healthy this year). Just look at AJ Burnett, he threw a combined 143 1/3 IP in 2003 and 2004, comes out and throws 209 IP in 2005 and gets a 55 million/5 year deal.

Well what i mean by weird is that it feels like i have forgetten Woods dominance due to his long absense during these pas ttwo years. I know his stats, but it feels very forgetten, but refounded inside of me. I guess thats how it feel once you forget the dominance of a horse like Wood. I really do hope he can prove his health this season. I would like to see one more run from Wood so he can help the cubs get a shot to take over the division.

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