Zito On Mets’ 40 Man Roster…Sort Of

Just got word from a loyal emailer:

"Was driving back from a party last night around 1:20AM and WFAN in NY had callers saying that Barry Zito‘s name was on the Mets roster over at Mets.com. His name was in place of Alay Soler. Sure enough, WFAN had checked it out and they confirmed that it was the case."

No, this probably isn’t an early sign that the Mets have completed a Zito for Milledge and Soler trade.  Most likely it was just a webmaster getting crazy in the way that only a webmaster can.

On the other hand, if my memory serves me correct, the person in charge of Cubs.com accidentally posted Dusty Baker as the team’s manager before his hiring was made public.  So you never know.

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