Red Sox Trade Rumors

It’s tough to get anything out of Boston these days; Theo Epstein has plugged all of his leaks.  Let’s see what we can piece together though.

According to Sean McAdams of The Providence Journal:

"Friends of the Rocket insist he’s sorry that he chose the Astros over the Red Sox."  McAdams mentions that Clemens would love a trade to Boston if it could be done without infuriating the Houston fanbase.  Also, a source of mine tells me that the Mets have inquired about Clemens.

Then there’s the possible three-way trade with the Rockies and Padres.  The Padres would get Mike Lowell, the Red Sox would get Ryan Shealy and a starter, and who knows what the Rockies would get. 

Don’t get that rumor confused with the other three-team scenario from Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe.  In that case, the Red Sox get Julio Lugo and Scott Linebrink, the Padres get Mike Lowell, and the D-Rays get prospects.      

Plus, Jayson Stark mentioned last night that the Red Sox are "making a late run at Alfonso Soriano."  He doesn’t have much more than that, but it can’t be dismissed.  Stark has also connected Boston to Jason Schmidt and Brad Lidge.

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