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St. Paul Pioneer Press: Tigers Close To Abreu Deal

I can't determine who actually wrote this, but it is a published report in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.  It's called Don't Print That and has a smattering of rumors from various sports.

The baseball notes:

"A little birdie says the first-place Detroit Tigers are close to a deal with the Philadelphia Phillies for right fielder Bobby Abreu.  The Indians, in town to play the Twins, are talking about trading Aaron Boone to the Los Angeles Dodgers."

We've all heard of the Tigers' interest in Abreu, so we'll have to see what comes of that rumor.  As far as Aaron Boone, I can't fathom why the Dodgers would want to actually give up a player or cash to acquire the worst third baseman in baseball.  I think Bill Mueller on crutches could outhit Boone.


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I cant figure out whats funnier:

1. That comment in the newspaper
2. Tigers fans thinking Marcus Thames is an "untradable prospect".

If we trade Abreu to the Tigers, im sure we'll get ripped off.

The author is Charley Walters. His column is not often verified. It is actually a local joke among sports fans about how often Charley is wrong.

However, the rumor is believable, and Dombroski like to go for it all.

Yeah Charlie Walters Write's that thing every once in awhile Basicly nothing in there ever happens this winter it had Things like "don't think the Vikings will trade Daunte this winter". How about what happened to the Twins outfield this weekend it became a MASH unit overnight the worst thing is now we don't have a chance to get anything for Hunter and Shannon S. (although i doubt we could get more than a C+ prospect for stwert anyway)

yeah what james said.

Irony of this is that when Leyland interviewed for the Phils managerial job two years ago, he said one of his first things he'd do is lobby to trade Abreu.

Who could the Phils possibly get back from Detroit in a deal for Abreu?

Something of the Humberto Sanchez or Jordan Tata mold seems possible...contract will be a big factor though.

Maybe Phillies will interest in Tiger's RHP Zach Miner

Any deal should have to include Sanchez if Im Pat Gillick. The Tigers farm system is really struggling this year, as all of the good prospects (Tata, Ramirez, Clevlen, Larish) are struggling. Jurrijens is a good arm, but he isnt a centerpiece to a deal right now. If Detroit thinks Abreu's contract is too much, then so be it.

BTW, I just ran Abreu's projected numbers. Figuring he gets 578 AB this year (his average from 2002-2005), his final line will look like this

.286/.442/.455, 115 runs, 117 RBI, 43 doubles, 16 HR, 35 stolen bases. Those numbers, all except HR, are above his averages from 2002-2005. He isnt slumping, he just isnt hitting as many HR, and hes never been a HR hitter.

If you project Abreu out to 534 AB (his current pace, if his walk rate stays the same), his numbers look like this

106 runs, 108 RBI, 40 doubles, 14 HR, 34 SB. Those numbers are all right at his career averages from 2002-2005.

The "slump" is a creation of ESPN. The only area hes slumping in his hitting home runs, and thats because his line drive % is UP, which again, is a good thing.

Pray that the Dodgers really do want Boone. We need Marte up here, and fast.

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