Mariners Acquire Jose Vidro

The Mariners have traded Chris Snelling and Emiliano Fruto to the Nationals for second baseman Jose Vidro, according to the Washington Post.  The Mariners intend to pay $12MM of the $16MM remaining on Vidro’s contract for 2007-08.  Jim Bowden did well.

Vidro, 32, hopefully will not supplant young Jose Lopez as the starting second baseman.  In getting into 126 games last year, Vidro had his healthiest season in a while.  However, his power seems to have evaporated and he’s not exactly nimble in the field.  Sure, he’s cheap, but he’s not particularly good.  He’s little help at 2B or DH.

Snelling is another oft-injured player, though he is only 25.  Many of his injuries have been the result of bad fortune, but he’s been through a lot.  He’s still a good gamble for a team like the Nats.

Fruto is just 22 and is a high-upside arm with three plus pitches, according to Baseball America.  He hasn’t started since ’03 but maybe the Nats will want to reinvent him.

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