Milledge-Blanton Swap?

Ray Ratto of the San Francisco Chronicle slipped in this nugget:

"The Athletics are likely to also dispatch their winningest pitcher, Joe Blanton, to New York as part of a deal that would fetch one of Billy Beane’s longest-held desirables, outfielder Lastings Milledge."

I’m not sure if Ratto is just making this assumption based on past rumors from this winter, or if this is a brand new rumor.  But he seems fairly certain that Blanton will be dealt.  That would leave the A’s with a Haren-Loaiza-Harden-Kennedy rotation, with a fifth starter battle between Chad Gaudin, Jason Windsor, Kirk Saarloos, and the like. 

A groundballer like Blanton could be a nice fit for the Mets, whose middle infield defense was among the game’s best in 2006. 

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