Comparing Carlos Guillen and Michael Young

Michael Young‘s recent contract extension, which 56.6% of you liked, could inform negotiations for Carlos Guillen‘s next deal.  Guillen is among the ten best free agents available after the 2007 season.

Let’s compare the two shortstops.  They have nearly identical body types, though Guillen is a year older.  Guillen’s got a touch more power; both consistently hit for a high average.  Guillen draws more walks, so he’s in better shape if the batting average starts to decline.  Both have questions about their ability to stay at shortstop in the long term.  Both are significantly underpaid this year.

The largest difference is that Young is far more durable.  That’s a huge factor.  If you factor in the health and age difference, it’s obvious Guillen should not get a five-year, $80MM deal.  The Tigers seem willing to offer a four-year extension, taking him through 2011.  Rather than Young’s $16MM AAV, Guillen should be in line for something more like $14-15MM.  He wants to stay in Detroit, so something like 4/52 might make sense.  PECOTA would support Detroit making such an offer.

What say you?  Guess the length and AAV of Guillen’s contract in today’s MLBTR poll and compare to other readers.

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