Odds and Ends

AllCubs.com discusses the Mark Prior saga.  It was interesting to see two very similar articles in two different newspapers this morning (Mariotti and Ladewski).  Of course, the Sun-Times and Daily Southtown are owned by the same company, so maybe it was a corporate mandate.  I don’t understand the argument for the Cubs to cut ties with Prior and/or Wood.  Because they remind you of 2003?  These guys aren’t expensive right now, so if there’s a 10% chance they help you, you keep them around.  The Cubs aren’t poor.  Any argument to release or trade these guys at 0.50 on the dollar so we can all "move on" is just irrational.

The big story today is Pete Rose admitting to betting on the Reds every night as their manager.  He’s pretty careful to make sure we realize it was every single night.  If he took even one night off from betting, his gambling had a detrimental effect on the team overall.  That’s because you’d expect him to save his players for the games on which he did bet.  For me, it’s not just the gambling with Rose…it’s all the lying.

RotoAuthority remembers 2005, which may help you find some undervalued players for your draft this Sunday.


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