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Tigers Sign Carlos Guillen

The Tigers signed shortstop Carlos Guillen for four years and $48MM, starting in 2008.  An excellent bargain, and $8MM less than MLBTR readers guessed.

This despite the huge discount he's giving them in 2007 ($5MM salary).  Guillen must really love Detroit.  Hopefully the Tigers keep him at short most of the time for the length of the deal, but at $12MM annually it's not the end of the world if they don't. 


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The bst free agent shortstops next year are now David Eckstein and Omar Vizquel. Yuk!

I have a feeling Eckstein will remain in St Louis.

And i have an even better feeling that omar signs an extension with the giants, but let us bring up a likely scenerio. The fact that AROD has an opt clause is very much a reality in that there is a legit chance he could opt out, in which case, would be go back to being a shortstop? I personally have no doubt he has the ability to still be an above average SS. And btw, if guiellen can stay healthy, which i think will be a downer to this whole think of the lif of the deal, but if he stays ehealthy, it was a great deal for the tigers indeed.

Depends on whether or not Eckstein has another 2005 (awful) or another 2006 (led NL SS's in Win Shares) this year.

Also, I bet it depends on whether or not Tony is back.

I wouldn't say that's exactly a bargain. He's had two great years and one decent injury shortened season with the Tigers. I'm not saying it's a fluke, he's odviously learned to hit since he left Seattle. But he is 32 and will probably be on the downswing of his carrer the last two years of his contract.

I know its kinda merging two threads and doesn't really pertain to Guillen ( except it includes the Tigers) - but does anyone think that with Kenny Rogers out til July that Kim will be a tiger soon? They could get him cheap and might be viable enough as 5th starter ( although that doesn't replace Rogers W's from last yr)

they have zach miner and chad durbin who both very good at AAA last year, kim needs to keep his self in the NL if he wants to hold down a rotation job

Eckstein tops in win shares for NL SS? Should I assume sarcasm?

Reyes 29
Furcal 27
Rollins 26
Hanley 25
Hall 21
Renteria 19
Vizquel 13
Greene 13
Everett 12
Eckstein 12

I think you're confused. He led the NL SS in win shares in 2005 with 28. He's not that type of player. His SLG in 2005 was almost 40 points above his career average.

Guillen wasn't a bargain? By normal standards probably not. But consider a few facts first. First off you have to consider that the market exploded and players are being over payed. Secondly, look at how we were all valuing him. I think PECOTA valued him at what? 70 million over 5 years? I'm willing to bet he could of gotten even more because teams are bound to overpay for talented players. I think Detroit got a bit of a bargain. It's not like they could of gotten anyone of equal ability on the open market for less money. By that alone, his contract has to be considered a value.

Even though he did lead in WS in 2005, you should assume sarcasm. That's not going to happen again, and if anything it's an indictment of Win Shares.

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