Santana Wants 8 Years?

I am not sure about this rumor, but thought I’d put it out here for debate.

Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune writes:

"Before contract talks broke off between Johan Santana and the Twins, baseball’s best pitcher is believed to have had put the team on notice that he wants a contract at least as long as Barry Zito‘s eight-year deal with San Francisco."

Rogers does not specifically name a source on that statement, and follows it with Santana’s recent quote about hoping to remain a Twin for life.  I don’t know if the Zito reference is Rogers’ interpretation of Santana’s Minneapolis Tribune quote, or a new piece of information.  I have a feeling Santana might be amenable to a six or seven year contract from the Twins.

As far as the idea of trading Torii Hunter or Santana before they reach free agency, no-trade clauses could complicate matters.  Santana has a full no-trade if he places top three in this year’s Cy Young voting, which seems likely based on the past three seasons.  Hunter can block deals to the Red Sox, Cubs, Tigers, Devil Rays, and Blue Jays this year.  Boston is the one team I could see having a spot for him this summer out of that group.   

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