Did Cal Ripken Read Game Of Shadows?

I am not one to get up on a pedestal and preach about steroids.  If you offered me fame and riches beyond belief, I might try give ‘roids the old college try, consequences be damned.  I understand why Barry Bonds did what he did, and don’t hate him for it.  Nonetheless, you have your head in the sand if you act like 1)there’s any doubt Bonds took steroids and/or 2)his home run record will be on equal footing with Hank Aaron‘s.

I know it’s really hard to hit a baseball no matter how jacked up you are.  I know that Babe Ruth faced watered down pitching with no minorities.  But Barry Bonds injected himself with many, many PEDs for years.  If any advantage deserves an asterisk, it’s blatant cheating.  Check out this quote from Cal Ripken on Bonds:

"I’d like to think that until there is evidence or proof that he’s done something wrong, you would give him the benefit of the doubt."

Seriously?  Sit down, read Game Of Shadows Cal.  There is overwhelming, staggering evidence that Bonds used PEDs.  For former and current players to deny it is ludicrous and insulting to fans.  I can respect a "no comment" on the issue, but not denial.  You can call Curt Schilling a blowhard, but at least he’s honest.  Said Schilling on Bonds: "There’s no gray area."  Exactly!  With, say, Jay Bell or Brady Anderson, there’s plenty of gray area.  We need some evidence beyond a home run spike.  Fluke home run spikes can happen without PEDs. 

With Bonds, there was a well-researched book written and even his own grand jury testimony.  To act like there’s any question here is sillier than presuming O.J. innocent.  I am not calling for Barry’s head but let’s call a spade a spade.

Please forgive me for the rant; I try to keep MLBTR mainly steroid-free.

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