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More Rosenthal

Ken Rosenthal's been a busy man today.  He's got another column up for FOXSports.com; go read it.  The high-level version:

  • Rosenthal sees the Yankees declining Bobby Abreu's 2008 option and turning to Melky Cabrera or a big name free agent for right field.  I agree; you can check out my other assessments of 2008 club options here.  Might be time to switch my predictions on Juan Uribe, Jose Guillen, and Paul Byrd.  I can now see Uribe declined and the other two exercised. Byrd has come alive, and Guillen's strong May has sparked the chance of the Ms taking their $9MM option for '08.
  • Torii Hunter's having a well-timed career year, but the Twins can't trade him unless they're out of contention.  Tough situation.  The Twins are 7.5 games back in the Central, 7 out of the wild card.  If it's double digits in July the decision gets easier.
  • It wouldn't be easy for the Cardinals to trade Scott Rolen right now, based on the factors outlined here.
  • Erick Aybar remains an excellent trading chip for the Angels.  His .600 OPS doesn't help his value, but it's pretty much what PECOTA expected.  There's a small chance Aybar becomes Barry Larkin, but to me he looks like the next Cesar Izturis.


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He doesn't seem that grand defensively at shortstop. He's not bad there, but I don't see how a defensively weaker Cesar Izturis is an excellent trading chip.

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