Buehrle Extension Possible

UPDATE: Ozzie Guillen makes some comments that seem to hint that extension talks are ongoing.  And Ken Rosenthal’s sources generally believe the Sox are close to signing Buehrle.

UPDATE: Now Gonzales says the White Sox sent their assistant GM to St. Petersburg, where Mark Buehrle’s agent is.  So there could be some talks after all.

I don’t know who to believe anymore.  It’s starting to sound like Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times has been fed some bad information.  The Sun-Times had the Red Sox as frontrunners for Mark Buehrle, and then today broke the story of an impending contract extension instead.

The Chicago Tribune has been singing a different tune the whole time, and now Mark Gonzales reports that there are no extension talks.  Gonzales spoke to Buehrle’s agent.

Fun stuff, all this manipulation and deception.  4/50 sounded too good to be true; perhaps the same person has been feeding bad information to Joe Cowley and 670 The Score.  A White Sox spokesman would not confirm the report from The Score. 

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