Could Bonds Be Dealt In A Giants Firesale?

Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News spoke extensively with both Giants GM Brian Sabean and Barry Bonds, and some interesting information emerged.

First off, Bonds’ comments seem to indicate he’d waive his no-trade clause if a need arose.  Let’s say he hits #756 July 18th against Rich Hill.  That would work out nicely for the Giants, as the interest in Bonds as a sideshow would wane after he broke the record.  Sabean could ditch the $8MM or so remaining on his 2007 contract and the Giants could finally move on.  Bonds might be a nice fit for the Mariners for a couple of months.  The Twins would benefit even more, but that scenario seems highly unlikely.  The Angels or A’s could definitely make a push and find some room for Bonds.

Baggarly’s article also has Brian Sabean acknowledging that the Giants may have to go into sell mode.  Baggarly names Ray Durham, Omar Vizquel, Rich Aurilia, Matt Morris, Pedro Feliz, and Steve Kline as veterans who could be sent packing.  Might as well throw in Ryan Klesko, Randy Winn, and Dave Roberts.  If you’re going to have a firesale, don’t hold back. 

The Red Sox could snag Winn or Roberts as a stopgap in center field, but both are signed through 2009.  Not the easiest contracts to move.  Matt Morris could net a nice return.  With a 3.21 ERA, has has to be at the peak of his value.  He earns $9.5MM this year, $9.5MM in ’08, and has a club option for $9MM with a $1MM buyout attached for ’09. The Mariners, Phillies, Braves, and Astros could be possibilities.

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