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Padres Acquire Milton Bradley

According to Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Padres have acquired Milton Bradley from the A's for 26 year-old reliever Andrew Brown.  Krasovic says Bradley would play left field for the Padres if healthy.  The Padres got Brown from the Indians in the Josh Barfield deal.  Oddly, the Indians got Brown from the Dodgers before that for Milton Bradley.  Brown throws in the mid-90s, even touching 99 at times.  He could make a useful reliever for Oakland. 

Bradley and Michael Barrett look like a couple of low-risk, decent reward acquisitions for Kevin Towers.  He's really a smart GM.  He's definitely added some fire to the clubhouse with these trades.  And don't forget Paul DePodesta, who definitely had a hand in this.

Ken Rosenthal believes the Bradley acquisition takes the Padres off the market for big-name sluggers like Adam Dunn and Jermaine Dye.  Dye might be untradeable anyway, because he's not healthy right now.  Bad timing on that for the White Sox.

There was quite an embroilment this week in the Oakland Tribune over the A's DFA of Bradley.  Columnist Dave Del Grande started the tiff by claiming that the A's cut Bradley because he's black.  Billy Beane was not amused.


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Whats the over under on when Bradley and Barrett throw punches?

With crap like that, coupled with Mariotti, Bayless, or the least insightful show to ever air "Baseball Tonight," is it any wonder that sports blogs are exploding?

I really hope they keep exploding. It really is funny - a blogger would never write something like Del Grande's column, because 1) the writing on the well-known blogs is at a higher level and 2)the commenters and readers would tear the author a new one.

I wonder if the tigers will not DFA sheffield because he is a "B.L.A.C.K, Black Lobbyist Against a Controlling Klimate." I had to sneak ebonics in there some where, so thus the K instead of the c.

not*, now

The Padres may be a team to watch here. If they can make it into the playoffs nobody will want to see Peavy/Young/Maddux and that bullpen. Maybe Towers can get a cheap rental 3b with some pop(Feliz?) and a big bat for the corner outfield(Dunn/Dye?). They could be real tough.

The Padres Already are a team to watch, their run differential was 82 runs as of sunday night according to Peter Gammons, which is astounding giving how low of an average their offense produces, and just shows how dominant the pitching is. Personally, I think that the Padres should go after a high contact, top of the order guy who they could get cheap. Perhaps a mark loretta who could play third or something. If they could start getting some people on infront of gonzo and have B giles come back and start swing a good bat again, then they probably would be the outright favorite in the NL.

I thought Bradley was hurt? Wasn't that why the trade to KC didn't go through?

I'd take my chances with Kouzmanoff over Loretta or Feliz. Maybe Glaus.

A big OF bat would be nice, but short of that they should be able to find a RH LF that can hit LHP better than Cruz has been.

Or you can just stick with Cruz and assume he'll go back to his pre-2007 levels against LHP, that's probably the best bet.

Other than that, there's no obvious place to upgrade.

And may I just say holy crap, I had no idea how good their pitching was as a whole. I wonder what's the latest in a season a team has had an ERA under 3?


Exactly. For instance, take this waste of space article http://www.suntimes.com/sports/couch/448670,CST-SPT-greg29.article

I read the first paragraph and it looks interesting. Maybe giving some insight on these players and what their futures will be. Maybe compare Patterson and Pie's...I dunno.....stats? It might be a little better than just height/weight and personality. It would have been cool to compare old Cubs missed prospect legends to ones trying to make it now.

Even for an Attention Deficit Disorder made article, he could have done a better job giving stories about each player in the minors and how they reacted to failure/success.

The major problem with Dunn is that even though his defense has improved he would be a butcher in Petco.

I think they'd be better served bring in a LF that had could field well and had a solid bat. Someone comparable to Cameron.

Looking beyond this season, Eric Byrnes is someone I'd hope Kevin Towers goes after when he becomes a free agent. The guy's leading the Diamondbacks in BA, OPS, HR's RBI's, Runs & SB's. He's pacing their dynamic offense. The ironic part is that with their young outfield depth, he'll most likely be the odd man out come the off-season. Why not keep him in the NL West where he's clearly thriving? He's having his best season yet and could be a solid fit at the top of the Padres order next year. I'd love to see him as a replacement for Bradley or Cameron. Does that make me racist?

Funny you mention today's Pie/Patterson article, as I was originally going to mention in the post that I feel the comparison is at least partially racially movitated. Yes, the two have some similarities, but if one was white would the comparison be so common?

It's worth noting that the minor league pitcher is Andrew Brown, per the press release posted on MLB.com. Brown came over in the Josh Barfield trade with Kevin Kouzmanoff making that trade look even better for Kevin Towers as Bradley & Kouzmanoff for Barfield is a nice bounty.

Brown's posted some solid numbers in relief this year in AAA striking out 43 in 35.2 innings to 15 walks & 26 hits. I could see him making an impact in the A's depleted bullpen this year.

Brown is a great talent and should do very good in Oak. Great bounty for a DFAed player, I imagine its better return than KC was going to send...

But this is a great trade for both teams. Milton is such an improvement to that OF and his power & speed (if not hampered by injuries) should make him a better option to play in Petco then someone with just HR power like Dunn. As great as Dunn is, many of his HRs could turn into long fly outs down there...

With the release of Sean Thompson to make room for Bradley on the 40 man roster, the question now is who gets sent off the ML roster?

Sledge or Bocachica?

I'd prefer the speed, defense and right handed bat of Bocachica over Sledge. Left handed pinch hitting is already relegated to Branyon and with Bradley & Cruz in play in LF, Bocachica makes more sense as the 5th outfielder then Sledge.

It's really a shame about the injuries that have hampered Sledge since his promising rookie campaign with the Expos.

They have to release Thompson to make room on the 40man? Brown should have been there, GameBoy would just take his place wouldn't he?

And, humm... Sledge or Bocca... Gee, hate to lose one of those great talents... :)

Towers just keeps rolling with the buy-low pickups. Fans may love the glamorous pickups of big bats, but you win consistently with smart pickups like this. Now we can FINALLY get Branyan out of left.

The roster from MLB still has Thompson on it and not Brown and the press release labels Thompson the one getting cut so there's that.

Wow, can't believe Brown wasn't on the 40man...

Anyway, agree completly with Akula! Plus, with smart moves like this and the Barrett pickup you're still free to make another splash if needed. There is still a month before deadline and none of the big trading pieces are gone so if the team slips at all SD will still be able to address the problem or whatever...

Finally! Bud Back has Brian Giles batting leadoff in tonight's game versus the Dodgers. I've been waiting since Spring Training for this move. Marcus thrives in the #2 slot and his skills are best served there. On top of that, all Brian can be counted on for lately are walks, singles and being aggressive on the basepaths, which is best served in the leadoff spot.

Roto, heads up:

"Hey guys, just throwing this out, something I've heard about, but... keep the name Alan Horne in the back of your mind. Horne is considered a prospect, so not sure I'd expect him to be had for a bit player, but more for someone big. -- ctr"


That's from the blog of C. Trent Rosecrans, Reds beat writer for the Cincinnati Post. Not sure who the Reds would send the Yankees way, but my guess would be Scott Hatteberg and/or David Weathers.

Darkstar, good points on Bradley in Petco. I was thinking the same thing about Adam Dunn, would he be as powerful in a big ballpark? I think he would. Basically, Adam Dunn is going to do one of three things when he comes to bat. Walk, strikeout, or homerun. When he hits the ball he really hits it though. It goes so far. I think its almost like how Soriano went nuts in RFK with nobody expecting it. When those guys hit HRs, they gly out, not to many cheapies. I dont think that the Padres would be a favorite going into a playoff series right now against most teams, simply because they just dont hit enough. The Mets, Braves, Phillies, Brewers, possibly even the rolllllllling cubbies can create problems for SD in a series I think. The padres have an outstanding bullpen, and I think therin would lie their advantage, more so then in their rotation. I like the Mets chances going up against Peavy with Maine or Perez on the mound, same goes for the Phils with Hamels, Braves with Huddie or Smolt, Cubs with Hill or Zambrano, etc. Something interesting I saw last night was that John Maine has en era a full point lower then Cole Hamels with the same record. Maine has really been solid.

When I said the I wouldnt like the Pads as a favorite in a series against most teams, I didnt actually mean most teams, just the 5 or so teams they might end up playing in a playoff series. You can get dynamite starting pitching, but you still have to score a little bit to win. It wouldnt surprise me if SD made a run. it just seems to me like even if they had an advantage in starting pitching, it would be negated because the Pads pitching would have to work harder on their oppenents offense then the other way around. But hey, thats why the play the game.

Nrmax, yeah it would be intesting to see what Dunn would do in SD against like Col or Nats pitching on a reg, not sure if he would be effected like some have...

Do disagree a little on facing them in the playoffs though. The picthing staff is wicked, and would be tough to face no matter who's in your lineup. They have such depth in talent that if anyone looks to be off they can just pull him quick so they wouldn't need to rely on a couple arms like most teams do.

Then the hitting doesn't look to be amazing, but much of that has to do with Petco hurting their overall numbers. They are not the best group of guys you can compile, but they will still out runs on the board and with the staff they prob won't need many.

If I'm a NL club, the're one of the teams I don't want to face. I would instead be hoping for the Dodgers, Arz, Atl or anyone coming out of the Central other than Mil.

IF somehow Bradley is healthy, as far as needing to hit a little bit in the playoffs, just watch last years ALCS...Bradley is a post-season MVP waiting to happen, the guy is just unbelieveably talented. As an A's fan, without him Frank's second half means nothing last year and he was extremely entertaining to watch, just wasn't on the field enough(obviously).

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