Padres Acquire Milton Bradley

According to Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Padres have acquired Milton Bradley from the A’s for 26 year-old reliever Andrew Brown.  Krasovic says Bradley would play left field for the Padres if healthy.  The Padres got Brown from the Indians in the Josh Barfield deal.  Oddly, the Indians got Brown from the Dodgers before that for Milton Bradley.  Brown throws in the mid-90s, even touching 99 at times.  He could make a useful reliever for Oakland. 

Bradley and Michael Barrett look like a couple of low-risk, decent reward acquisitions for Kevin Towers.  He’s really a smart GM.  He’s definitely added some fire to the clubhouse with these trades.  And don’t forget Paul DePodesta, who definitely had a hand in this.

Ken Rosenthal believes the Bradley acquisition takes the Padres off the market for big-name sluggers like Adam Dunn and Jermaine Dye.  Dye might be untradeable anyway, because he’s not healthy right now.  Bad timing on that for the White Sox.

There was quite an embroilment this week in the Oakland Tribune over the A’s DFA of Bradley.  Columnist Dave Del Grande started the tiff by claiming that the A’s cut Bradley because he’s black.  Billy Beane was not amused.

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