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Heyman On Eric Gagne

SI.com's Jon Heyman had a new post in the wee hours of the morning today.  The Yankees seem to be the frontrunner for Eric Gagne, while simultaneously trying to unload Kyle Farnsworth.

Gagne would set up Mariano Rivera in New York.  Gagne can't veto this trade, even though working as a setup man would cause him to miss some of his incentives.  Heyman talks about the Yankees accomodating this problem, although they are under no obligation to do so.

The Yankees are being very possessive about their pitching prospects.  Beyond Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes, they've deemed Ian Kennedy and Alan Horne off-limits.  Jeff Marquez and Tyler Clippard are two who could go to Texas for Gagne.  Not bad, but not the big names we've been expecting.

The Mets might pay some mind to Gagne, whose price couldn't be higher than Chad Cordero's.  The Mets are the other contender to can trade for Gagne without his approval.

As for Farnsworth, we've already heard the Tigers and Rockies have some interest.  Heyman adds the Dodgers to the mix; they inquired on him as a Plan B if they can't get Octavio Dotel.


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I don't understand why the Mets would offer a package for Gagne that they wouldn't be willing to surrender for Cordero. Given their respective ages and injury histories, as well as the fact that Gagne will be very unhappy as a set up man, I'd rather trade for Cordero for this season, then put him on the market again this offseason- I can think of several clubs that would want him as their closer for next year.

I personally doubt anything that any ESPN reporter mentions as anything less than fact as they totally lack any credibility.

Gagne's obviously going to be cheaper than Cordero. Most of the teams he pre-approved were chosen because they wouldn't be interested unless they need a closer. Texas really needs to get a return on him, and the number of teams he'll actually be available to will be very small. He'll probably be one of the cheaper quality relievers, if not the cheapest. It'll be a battle of middling prospects, possibly between the two NY teams exclusively.

Heyman doesn't write for ESPN...

I say the Mets start their counter offer with a 1B prospect like Nick Evans or Mike Carp who will have some opportunity to be a successor to Teixeira. They could then give Texas a list of middling pitchers from A and AA. The only AAA pitcher I could see them discussing is Jason Vargas, otherwise no better than Kevin Mulvey in AA, and they should start lower with names like Michael Devaney and Josh Stinson.

With a Manny DelCarmen implosion today, and Timlin's health (and skills) questionable, expect the Red Sox to be in on Gagne/Dotel.

I think the word was Gagne would reject a trade to Boston.

I've heard that too, but who knows. Toss a couple incentive his way and things change.

Also, keep in mind that 90% of what we hear and read is conjecture and speculation.

I'm not dying for the Sox to get Gagne or anything, but I suspect they will get involved.

As a Yankee fan, I'd be all for a Gagne rental for a second tier pitching prospect. I'd read one report which mentioned Ian Kennedy for Gagne which is just silly(and untrue) and would lead me to being a Long Island Ducks fan were it true.

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