Scouts Monitoring Yanks/Blue Jays Yesterday

The New York Post reports of several teams represented at yesterday’s Yankees/Blue Jays contest.  The Dodgers, Twins, Tigers, and Marlins all had scouts on hand.  So which players were being watched?

The starters were Dustin McGowan and Chien-Ming Wang, and we can safely assume neither of those guys is going anywhere.

Possible Yankees being watched: Scott Proctor, Kyle Farnsworth, Bobby Abreu, Melky Cabrera, Luis Vizcaino.  Vizcaino and Cabrera played in the game, though they are the least likely of the group to be dealt.

Possible Blue Jays being watched: Scott Downs, Matt Stairs, Troy Glaus.  Stairs is probably the Jay most likely to be traded; he’s hitting a strong .282/.348/.544 in 206 ABs.  He’s known for his ability to hit righthanders well.

Feel free to mix and match in the comments – who’s after which players?

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