Slick-Fielding Shortstops Available

If you’re looking for an all-glove type shortstop this summer, you have plenty of options.

  • The Giants could move Omar Vizquel, but only if they feel that he can’t help them in ’08.  According to Tim Brown, he loves the city and would stay if they made an offer.  The Giants talked extension with him in March but his offensive performance this year may have changed their mind.  He has $1.8MM in salary left.
  • With Ryan Theriot performing OK this year and Ronny Cedeno tearing up Triple A, the Cubs may deem Cesar Izturis expendable.  Giving Cedeno the starting shortstop job to begin last year was questionable, but it might make some sense now.  Izturis makes another $1.8MM this year, plus probably another $300K to buy out his ’08 option.
  • Juan Uribe may no longer deserve the slick-fielding tag, but he’s been an awful hitter so I have to call him something.  Even his customary low OBP/decent SLG is slipping.  His salary situation is pretty much the same as crosstown counterpart Izturis.
  • Jack Wilson makes another $2.3MM this year, $6.5MM in ’08, $7.25MM in ’09, and a $600K buyout for ’10.  He has a limited no-trade clause allowing him to block trades to six clubs each year.  About a month ago, Tim Brown spoke to a baseball source who thought he’d draw interest.  Wilson is back to playing every day currently.

What team would want any of these guys?  The Red Sox would probably be the only contender in need of a shortstop, and they’re probably stuck with Julio Lugo.

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