Unconfirmed Rumor: Cubs Looking At Griffey, Dunn

UPDATE: Will Carroll chimed in on the idea of Dunn to the Cubs in a recent update.  He cited the intra-division and salary factors as reasons it won’t happen.

Didn’t hear the report myself, but a loyal reader dropped me an email.

Apparently a recent Bruce Levine report for ESPN Radio 1000 had some interesting Cubs rumors.  Levine says the Cubs might try to trade for Adam Dunn or Ken Griffey Jr.  Any deal would likely include Sean Gallagher, and the Cubs called up Matt Murton today to showcase him.

This rumor leaves more questions than answers:

  • Would the Cubs again move their superstar signing Alfonso Soriano to center or right field to create a spot for Dunn?
  • If not, how ugly would Dunn be in right field at Wrigley?  He hasn’t played the position regularly since 2001.
  • With the management situation in flux, could the Cubs really take on Griffey’s contract, which runs through 2008?  Or even the $3.8MM still owed to Dunn this year?
  • Are Arby’s new popcorn chicken shakers as tasty as they look on TV?
  • Would Gallagher and Murton be enough for either of those players?

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