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White Sox Interested In Elijah Dukes?

The Devil Rays optioned Elijah Dukes to Class A and put him on the temporary inactive list back on June 22nd.  He's earning his Major League salary and getting counseling for his problems.

According to Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus, the White Sox may be interested.  Given their clear need for outfielders for 2008, a Dukes trade makes plenty of sense.  Chicago is a far way from Tampa and would represent a fresh start for Dukes.

Andrew Friedman and Kenny Williams have yet to match up for a trade to the best of my knowledge, though the Rays apparently have interest in Chicago's available starters.   


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Yeah right. The White Sox have Scott Podsednik and Darrrin Erstad, the best left side of the OF in all of baseball.

Dukes would be ferocious in Chicago.

Get it done K WILL!!

I'm not a White Sox fan, but Dukes could be something special. If they believe they can turn him around, they should take a flier. He could be a serious power bat in their outfield.

That said, I am spectical about Dukes ever getting his act together.

I dont see why the DRays would actually trade him at this point. He cant hurt his value any more than it currently is. Sure they have to either have him in SingleA or the majors because he's not allowed back to AA and AAA, but he could still get his act together a bit and play better on the field to get some of that demand back.

If they did trade him now then I think it should come as part of a package deal bringing in high-level prospects of players in return ~ otherwise his straight-up value is just too low ATM...

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