Clemens Back In Houston Next Year?

Astros fans: would you welcome Roger Clemens back with open arms in 2008?  Would this be a good way to spend $15-20MM?  Do you think the new general manager would entertain the possibility?

I ask because of this note in Will Carroll’s column today:

Clemens was reported to have avoided Torre’s calls, and while their relationship has never been close, it’s never been unprofessional. On top of this are some whispers that the Hendricks’ have started asking around regarding interest in Clemens’ services for next year, notably back in Houston.

Another winter, another round of Roger?  If Clemens does want to return in 2008, there’s no better place to leave on a high note than the NL Central.  But first he’ll have to prove his elbow is OK; he recently deemed it "pretty nasty" in there.  Clemens has a chance to climb to third all-time for career wins if he can manage another two seasons.

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