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As you may recall, I’m heading to Cincinnati for the weekend.  I didn’t think the games would mean much when I bought the tickets, but now they’re looking pretty important for my Cubbies.

Anyway, I like to keep MLBTR going strong even when I’m away.  And I’m not one to blog on the road.  So, I’m looking for someone willing to step in and write for the site when I’m gone.  For now I’m looking for coverage on September 28th, 29th, and 30th (probably from a single person).  It would be five or more posts per day, three of them coming before noon each day.  Within that any major rumor would have to be covered, and if they are slow days you’d have some liberties to choose articles or topics to write about.  Each post should be in the typical 3-5 paragraph MLBTR style.  For this particular three-day stint I’m offering $50.

Some things I’m looking for:

  • In college or college graduate
  • Blogging experience a plus
  • Frequent MLBTR commenter a plus
  • Strong writing skills (grammar and spelling are important)
  • Non-biased approach to posts
  • Strong baseball knowledge
  • Style similar to the one MLBTR currently uses
  • Availability on all three days
  • Ideally it would be a person who already devours every baseball story possible throughout the day, so that important breaking rumor-related stuff could be posted in a timely manner

If you’re interested in the coverage this weekend and perhaps future days, please drop me a line at mlbtraderumors@gmail.com explaining why you’d be good for it.  Thanks.

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