Padres Rumors: Maddux, Cabrera, Barrett, Bradley

As usual, Tom Krasovic has the scoop with the Padres.

  • The Padres expect Greg Maddux back, at a salary near the $10MM he earned in ’07.  One way it could happen – Mad Dog declines his $8.75MM player option and the Padres exercise their $11MM club option.  Otherwise they’ll just tear it up and figure something out.
  • The Padres will pass on available third basemen Alex Rodriguez and Miguel Cabrera.  It sounds like a Padres team source is indicating the Marlins plan to shop Cabrera aggressively.  As if this offseason wasn’t going to be crazy enough, here’s another marquee player on the market.  The Padres have some depth at third base, so they’ll sit out.
  • Apparently the Elias rankings have leaked out somewhere, though I haven’t seen the list yet.  Michael Barrett and Milton Bradley both earned Type A designation, though it won’t matter if the Padres don’t offer arbitration to either.  With either player there’s a decent chance he would accept the offer.  Barrett maybe not, as he might be able to find a two-year deal elsewhere.  Still, it’d be risky.  Unfortunately Mike Cameron and Doug Brocail got the Type B designation (not that that makes sense).  Cameron will probably get offered arbitration; it would’ve been nice to get the Braves’ 18th overall pick.

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