Yankees Could Pursue Miguel Cabrera

Clark Spencer writes of the possibility of the Yankees going after Miguel Cabrera to fill their third base vacancy (assuming M-Cab can hold up at the position for a few more years).

Cabrera’s salary will jump from $7.4MM past $11MM this year through arbitration.  A year from now he could be looking at $15-17MM.

Spencer sees a partial match in center fielder Melky Cabrera; the Marlins have had instability at that position since Juan Pierre was dealt.  Add Phil Hughes to the package and I think this could get done.  The Yankees seem to favor Joba Chamberlain over Hughes (I don’t have any proof for that) and Chien-Ming Wang will be getting pricey.  Ian Kennedy is solid but the Marlins are going to want a front-rotation guy like Hughes. 

One consideration is that if Cabrera can’t stay at third base, they might have to move him to first and pass on Mark Teixeira next winter.  But as I said earlier, maybe the Yanks will take a break from Boras clients anyway.  Hank Steinbrenner seems primed to make all sorts of petty/irrational decisions.  That should be fun to watch.

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