Odds and Ends: Glavine, Rowand, A-Rod Clark, LoDuca

Hi. I’m Joe. Tim is busy today, so I’ll be filling in. You can send any tips right to my email. So onto a few morning tidbits.

  • Dave O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal Constitution hears that the Braves are "close" to a deal with

    Tom Glavine. His agent, Gregg Clifton, thinks "it’s a good possibility" that a deal gets done today.

  • Aaron Rowand’s agent Craig Landis says that the "interest is definitely mutual" between his client and the Dodgers.
  • Since I run a Yankees site, I suppose I can’t finish an odds and ends post without a mention of Alex Rodriguez. Ed Price of the Star Ledger says that the soon-to-be MVP’s deal is "intricate," and that we shouldn’t expect a deal until "perhaps after Thanksgiving."
  • The Twins are said to be interested in Tony Clark. Not quire sure adding another low-OBP bad in addition to Craig Monroe is very smart here. Plus, this would make Clark the de-facto DH, and we know he’s looking for a starting gig.
  • Mike Puma of the New York Post speculates that recently displaced Paul LoDuca could swap with Yorvit Torrealba and catch on as the Rockies’ starter for 2008.

Joe Pawlikowski is a co-author of River Ave. Blues, a New York Yankees blog.

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