Lowell Signs With Red Sox

UPDATE: ESPN reports that the deal is for $37.5MM, so $12.5MM per year.  Lowell took more than $10MM less to stay with Boston.

UPDATE: Rob Bradford says the Red Sox and Lowell have agreed to the parameters of a three-year deal worth between $12-13MM annually.  The Sox had set a deadline today for Lowell to decide on their offer, and he took them up on it.

Buster Olney is reporting in his blog this morning that Mike Lowell is close to a three-year deal with the Red Sox.  That has to mean he’s leaving a significant amount of money on the table to re-sign.  Can’t see the Sox going past 3/45 on him.  There is a conflicting report on this – Rob Bradford doesn’t think a deal is close, noting a "healthy divide" between the sides.

Olney adds that aside from the near-obligatory Coco Crisp trade, the Red Sox will look into Johan Santana if he becomes available.  Santana would obviously be a luxury.  Since the Red Sox are officially a superpower, they’d have to check in on him.  Also keep in mind that Crisp and Santana trades could be related, as the Twins would likely demand Jacoby Ellsbury in any deal.  So if Crisp is dealt, Santana becomes a bit less likely.  Of course Theo could always surprise us and convince Andruw Jones to sign a one-year deal. 

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