Padres Targeting Matt Kemp?

As always, Tom Krasovic has the scoop on the Padres.

  • Free agents Geoff Blum and Milton Bradley are not expected back.  Blum wanted to return but the Padres are going to pass.  Blum is likely to sign with Houston.
  • The Padres may try a combo of Scott Hairston and Chase Headley in left field next year. Wouldn’t it make more sense to push Kevin Kouzmanoff out there?  It’ll probably be a moot point, as the Padres are hoping to sign Geoff Jenkins.
  • Krasovic tantalizes us by not elaborating on this tidbit: Responding to Colletti’s preference for veterans, the Padres are contemplating three-team trade scenarios that would bring them young Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp.  In my opinion, any kind of deal that nets the Padres Kemp would have to involve Headley.  This tidbit may be more brainstorming than anything.
  • The Padres may offer Andruw Jones a one-year, $17MM deal.  However Scott Boras is still acting like Jones’ 2007 didn’t happen.

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