Rivera Agrees To Deal With Yanks

UPDATE: Kat O’Brien’s sources also indicate that Rivera has accepted the offer.  We can close the book on this one.

Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record has the scoop: Mariano Rivera has agreed to the Yankees three-year, $45 million offer. Caldera’s source is a friend who spoke to Rivera today, so I suppose it’s not official official.

Caldera also reports that the friend said, "He would have taken two years and an option." Wonderful. So not only did the Yankees overpay, but now it’s rubbed in their faces.

This will surely somehow factor into the deal for Francisco Cordero, now the best closer option on the market. Maybe moreso, it could affect the Joe Nathan negotiations, scheduled to begin about a year from now.

Joe Pawlikowski is co-author of River Ave. Blues.

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