Crisp/Lugo For Cabrera Speculation

Been getting this Phil Rogers blog post emailed to me quite a bit lately.  In it he speculates that the White Sox could send Orlando Cabrera to the Red Sox for Julio Lugo and Coco Crisp.  Or, they could send Cabrera to the Cubs for prospects.  Third, he suggests the Sox could sign Cabrera for around four years and $50MM, the offer they made to Kosuke Fukudome.

Nothing wrong with the speculation, Phil is just spitballing here it seems.  However, this talk gets passed around a couple of times, people don’t actually read what Phil wrote, and then people start saying this is a rumor or that there have been talks of this nature.  To me, speculation doesn’t graduate to a rumor until someone reports that it’s been discussed by execs of one or more teams.  Just my two cents on why this is not a trade rumor.  But, feel free to discuss.   

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