Odds and Ends: Guillen, Crede, Hamilton, Boone

Rounding up some of the day’s random rumors and tidbits…

  • Jose Guillen might get a light suspension for his exploits.
  • There was a report that the Brewers were close to obtaining Joe Crede, but it was published last night.
  • The BBWAA approved a new resolution for 2013.  Any player with a contract provision linked to a major award of theirs will not be considered for that award.  Makes sense – to repeat Curt Schilling’s situation.  Curt Schilling could get a million bucks by netting one Cy Young vote in 2008.  The BBWAA would rather preserve its right to have members make off-the-wall votes on occasion without bribery being accused.
  • The Reds traded Buck Coats to the Jays.  They also released Jorge Cantu.  They now have an open spot on the 40-man roster.
  • Could the Rays re-acquire Josh HamiltonThere’s speculation on the topic in Nashville.
  • Buster Olney says Aaron Boone interests the Giants, Nationals, and Brewers.

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