Phillies Rumors: Wolf, Feliz, Jenkins’s Ken Mandel has a Phillies update for us tonight.

  • Pat Gillick’s honesty is refreshing and funny.  On Randy Wolf: "He’s the only guy who’s voiced some concern, but I haven’t heard anyone else voice concern about the ballpark.  He’s always voiced concern. I talked to him last year and talked to him this year, and he always makes some remarks about the park which are quite unfounded."
  • Gillick also weighed in on Kyle Lohse and Carlos Silva, noting their agents want to keep as many clubs involved as possible.  The Phillies expect to sign neither.
  • It’s a bottom priority, but the Phils are considering Pedro Feliz as a third base option.
  • Trot Nixon isn’t on the Phils’ list of outfield targets.  As you know, Geoff Jenkins is under consideration.

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