Phone Woes

I don’t know much about cell phones, so I figured I’d tap into the MLBTR community a little bit.  I recently bought a T-Mobile Dash and so far I’m not jazzed with it.  I might bring it back and get something different.  Here’s what I’m looking for in my phone:

  • The ability to receive emails from my gmail account the second they come in.  The Dash seems to do it on five-minute intervals at best.  Is this a gmail or a Dash limitation?
  • I believe it needs to be a Windows phone to enable me to use TypePad Mobile and make blog posts from the phone.
  • Preferably it would have full, fast web browsing.  The Dash seems pretty slow in loading up websites from various newspapers, or BP, or whatever.
  • I’m going to stick with T-Mobile, so the iPhone isn’t an option.
  • Any insight?  Should I stick with the Dash?  Is there something else you would recommend?  Leave a comment or email me at if you have any experience with this crap.  Thanks.

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