Padres Looking For Corner OF Via Trade

Padres GM Kevin Towers chatted at today.  The money quote:

The one position that we still may be looking at would be a corner outfielder. This would most likely come via a trade, rather than a free agent signing.

And then Towers concluded the chat with this:

That is all the time that I have for this chat today. I now need to go find a corner outfielder for you all.

From these clues I have surmised that the Padres may be looking to add a corner outfielder via trade.  The Padres missed out on free agent targets Geoff Jenkins and Kosuke Fukudome

Possibly available left fielders: Jason Bay, Raul Ibanez, Marcus Thames, Jay Payton, Matt Murton, and Adam Lind.  Right fielders who might be available include Xavier Nady, Randy Winn, and Austin Kearns.  Nady and Bay have been of interest to San Diego previously this winter.  Your thoughts on the most likely targets? 

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