Manny Switches To Boras

This should be interesting.  Just in time for his contract year, Manny Ramirez has ditched agents Scott Parker and Greg Genske in favor of Scott Boras.  As Jon Heyman notes, this is not necessarily a bad thing for Boston since they’re on fine terms with Boras.  Manny recently spoke to the press about his $20MM option after the season, but didn’t really add new information.

There will be a lot of Boston media chatter about Manny’s situation this year, and now plenty of Boras Hall of Fame type rhetoric as well.   But really, it’s a very simple situation.  The Red Sox don’t have to make a decision until after the season, and they don’t owe it to Ramirez to do so.  If his new workout regime helps him stay healthy for 140+ games, the Sox will probably exercise the option.  They’ll certainly have other options, but Adam Dunn, Pat Burrell, and Bobby Abreu won’t sign for one year.

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