Piazza Considering Two Teams

Mark Hale of the New York Post recently spoke to Mike Piazza‘s agent, Dan Lozano.  Piazza may retire if he doesn’t find the right opportunity, but he is currently mulling two interested teams.  Lozano indicated that there is one team from each league under consideration.  Japan is not a possibility for Piazza.

Piazza, 39, hit .275/.313/.414 in 329 plate appearances last year as Oakland’s DH.  He was limited by a shoulder strain and bruised triceps.  Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA system has him at .255/.310/.426 in 294 PAs this year, a performance worth $675K.  If Piazza gets a Major League deal, the A’s will get a decent draft pick.   

Tampa Bay would be a reasonable guess for the AL club.  Could the Marlins make sense in the NL?  If I recall correctly Piazza didn’t fare too well in his stint at first base with the Mets, so I’m not sure if that’s an option.

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