Phillies Not Interested In Lohse

Kyle Lohse for one year and $4MM doesn’t sound too bad, does it?  Not to the Phillies, even with Adam Eaton and a couple of Durbins battling it out for the fifth starter job.  Phils assistant GM Mike Arbuckle said "I know we’re not interested" in Lohse at such a price.

I don’t get this.  Pretty much every team in the NL should be looking at Lohse if he’s really willing to take $4MM.  Even non-contenders have to consider the ol’ sign and flip with him.  Even this year, with teams showing relatively more common sense with free agents, $2-3MM deals have been tossed around on roster filler type players.  The standard rate for a sixth-inning middle reliever is three mil now.  The only explanation I can think of is that the reports are wrong, and Lohse is still trying to get $6-8MM.

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