Survey Results: Redesign

Over the next week or so some posts will be labeled as Survey Results, where I’ll talk about your suggestions and the future of MLBTR.  If you come here strictly for rumors you’ll want to skip these.  By the way please take our anonymous six-question survey if you haven’t already.

Over 1,000 people gave suggestions for improving MLBTR.  The predominant theme was to ditch the drab white text on black background color scheme.  I couldn’t agree more –  a change is long overdue.  Here are some details about the upcoming MLBTR redesign.

  • I had been targeting April 1st.  Due to various circumstances I’ll just say to look for it sometime in May instead.
  • Right now the site is pretty damn hard to read.  We are going to widen the whole site, use a larger/better font, and do the standard black text on white background for posts.  It will be much, much easier to read.
  • Navigation will be improved.  Under the site logo there will be five buttons: ABOUT, CONTACT, ADVERTISE, TEAMS, and ARCHIVES.  Some will be drop-downs if you hover over them.  Hover over teams, and then you get a dropdown with all 30.  Doing it this way will unclutter the sidebar somewhat.
  • The site already has a search box, but this will be moved up to the top of the page.
  • The ads will be less intrusive.  They will no longer be inside posts; the two main placements will be above the banner up top and a box in the lefthand sidebar.  There may be some ads between posts.  I also want the ads to be more relevant, a longer-term goal.
  • Finally, here’s a draft of the new logo.  You get a better look at it if you click on it.


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