Yankees Interested In Harden?

According to a source of Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, "the Yankees have apparently expressed interest in Rich Harden."  Slusser believes the A’s would demand full price for Harden, perhaps asking for Ian Kennedy and young pitchers.

If you look at this from each party’s point of view, it doesn’t seem like a trade could be reached anytime soon.  Harden would be a tantalizing #1 starter for the Yankees, but why pay full price for a guy who’s pitched 200 innings over the last three years?  Replacing Kennedy with Harden could deplete the team’s starting pitching depth.

On the other hand, if you’re Billy Beane, why trade Harden at a discount right now? He is nowhere near his peak value.  The one reason to do it might be if Beane does not believe Harden will return to good health this year or next.  Joe Pawlikowski weighs in on this rumor over at River Ave. Blues.

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