Odds and Ends: Bonds, Zito, Bush

Today’s link compilation.

  • Dusty Baker spoke to Barry Bonds on the phone a few weeks ago, and came away feeling that Bonds does not miss baseball.
  • A mere ten million bucks, a team can eat that.  But, as Andrew Baggarly says, "They don’t make mouths big enough to eat the roughly $112.5 million that Barry Zito is guaranteed."  Zito could be exiled to the bullpen.
  • Dave Bush went unclaimed by the other 29 teams because with option waivers, the team can pull the player back if claimed.
  • Jim Callis tosses out some options for the Astros with the 10th pick, noting that the team is likely to adhere to slotting guidelines.
  • Peter Abraham runs through the available catcher options for the Yankees now that Jorge Posada is DL-bound.

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