Kovacevic Chats Draft With Pirates Execs

There’s been quite a bit of conjecture that the Pirates will draft Pedro Alvarez with their #2 pick.  Alvarez, a Scott Boras advisee, may require a Major League contract.  The Bucs’ new management team will be making a statement to fans if they pony up for Alvarez.

Devan Kovacevic did a Q&A on the draft with Pirates GM Neal Huntington and team president Frank Coonelly.  He didn’t shy away from tough questions, touching on the Matt Wieters subject.  Kovacevic also referenced Alvarez, asking how a player demanding a big league deal would impact the team’s draft choice.  Said Coonelly:

The preference is to sign any amateur player to a minor-league contract. It gives the club more flexibility. With a player signed to a major-league contract right out of the draft, you have to use an option immediately to get him to the minors. If he has a minor-league contract, you can have him for three years in the minors before having to use an option.  Does that mean I’m saying the Pirates would never consider that? No. We would if there were a unique set of circumstances.

So…is Alvarez special enough to warrant it for the Pirates?

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