Stark’s Latest: Griffey, Daniel Cabrera, Lidge

ESPN’s Jayson Stark has a new column up; it’s a must-read.

  • Stark examines the impact of ten deals made last offseason; check it out.
  • Because of last year’s surprise playoff clubs, teams may wait extra long this year before throwing in the towel and trading veterans.
  • As Peter Gammons has noted, Ken Griffey Jr.‘s 2009 option will be an impediment in dealing him.  Even if the Reds find a suitor Griffey will probably want that $16.5MM guaranteed for ’09.
  • Daniel Cabrera will be available again this summer.  The Orioles should trade him as soon as possible; the .213 BABIP and 1.62 K/BB ratio indicate that his 3.54 ERA is a fluke.
  • The Royals will have pitching to spare this summer, with guys like Ron Mahay, Jimmy Gobble, and Brett Tomko on the block.  Might make sense to shop Gil Meche, too.
  • The Phillies may want to explore an extension with impending free agent Brad Lidge before season’s end.  Three years might be their max, though.  The extension subject has not yet been broached with Pat Burrell.

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