Thome’s ’09 Option

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times discusses Jim Thome‘s ’09 option.  Cowley says Thome needs 392 more plate appearances this year for the $13MM salary to vest.  The White Sox can choose a $3MM buyout if it does not vest.

However, both Cot’s Baseball Contracts and the Chicago Tribune indicate that Thome’s ’09 option vests if he tallies 564 PAs this year.  He already has 274, so he needs 292 more.  He should be able to pull it off if he starts 75 more games.  The White Sox have 85 games left.  Today’s game is the last in an NL park, so Thome can go back to DHing regularly.  This option will go right down to the wire.

Thome may be back regardless, according to the Tribune in February.  The White Sox have been getting a half price deal on his contract; the Phillies paid them $22MM.

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